Key considerations when buying fresh baked goods online

Seller location

Online transactions are affiliated to risks relating to legitimacy of the business and its products. To hedge against such risks, it is prudent for the buyer to be aware of the seller’s location. This is to determine ease of one on one contact when need arises as well as to estimate delivery time and convenience.

Customer reviews

Feedback from the seller’s clientele is essential in determining the quality of their products and services. While reviewing this feedback, you ought to distinguish genuine reviews from destructive criticism. The main focus should be on specific product reviews or general service reviews. A key distinguishing factor of a genuine review from one that is not is; if it is commonly given by different clients then it is most likely genuine.

Safety of transactions

It is vital for you as a buyer to check on the safety of your information on the platform used by the seller. This is to avoid risks of phishing and other internet related vices. The payment method provided by the seller is also essential in determining safety. Based on your risk affinity, the payment plan can be instrumental in your decision on choice of online seller.

Product Portfolio

Online display of images coupled with descriptions of available products is a good informant to a buyer’s decision. Descriptions may include ingredients used as well as quantities. This enables to determine if the baked product you are looking for is available and whether it meets your requirements.


A buyer should enquire on the seller’s compliance to health and safety regulations set for food based businesses. There should be full disclosure between the buyer and seller on any ingredient that may have adverse health effects.

Internet connectivity

A buyer ought to have stable internet connection and digital devices that allow them to connect to online platforms such as; websites and social media. This is so as to access baking businesses with an established online presence and marketplace.


A buyer ought to consider the availability of fresh baked goods within their budget. Price is therefore a huge determinant of a buyer’s decision

Criteria for buying freshly baked goods online

Online presence

Log onto; online platforms with established marketplaces, or on your preferred website to find a reputable seller.

Find preferred goods

Review seller’s product portfolio as well as provided descriptions to determine if they meet your preferred standard of quality, health and taste based on ingredients.


Contact the seller via provided means on the platform to place your order. It is important to be specific on product type, quantity, quality and other considerations you feel are essential for your satisfaction. While in contact with the seller, it is important to discuss payment modalities, delivery plans and affiliated costs as well as time convenience.

Buying fresh baked goods online, Can of shortbread is a simplified way to access variety, quality and cost efficient products. It has positively affected business growth and improved the quality of life.

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